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Founded in October 2003 with headquarters in Arlit, MIGAS is a company under Nigerian law with a registered capital of 100,000,000 CFA francs.
After the installation of its car garage as the first activity within SOMAÏR, MIGAS opened a metal packaging manufacturing plant in Maradi in 2004 and then began to intervene in various fields of activity (Heavy Boiler, Piping, Construction metal, industrial assembly, prefabricated, LPG, Civil Engineering, etc.)

Years of activities
Finalised project
Satisfied customers
Know how
Team spirit

Our values

Zero accident!
MIGAS has set itself the goal of “0” accident.
For this reason, our Health, Safety and Environment policy is based on the principle of continuous improvement in our operational process.

A flexible organization
We favor a flexible and responsive organization by pooling the expertise of our teams. This networking, which goes hand in hand with the empowerment of the managers and the autonomy of the operational units, makes it possible to constantly adapt the material and human resources.

Our certifications
MIGAS SA is certified:
ISO 9001

At the grassroots
Our in-depth knowledge of the regions of Niger, their specificities and the challenges ahead enables us to provide tailor-made solutions – meeting the challenges of quality, reliability and safety.

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